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The Hands-On Guide to Surviving Adult Children Living at Home by Christina Newberry
Looking for my book,
The Hands-On Guide to Surviving Adult Children Living at Home? Head on over to

Anyone can put words on paper. It takes a professional to craft your message.

That's why you need an experienced writer and editor – to take on your challenging communications projects, wrangle with tough deadlines, and turn writing that’s just "okay" into a message you're proud to show to the world. 

Whether it's your book, your newsletter, or your life story... when you send it out it's simply got to be right. So if your writing is already done (or "almost done") and just needs a polish, I'll put it through the wringer and send it back to you clean, clear, and ready to go. 

If you're starting from scratch, I'll work with you to create spot-on content for your web sites, brochures, articles, training materials, newsletters, press releases, eBooks, or other communications materials. (Click on "samples" to see what I've already done for clients just like you.)

What makes me the best choice for your communications project?

  • I've studied this stuff. A lot. With an educational background in English, Journalism, and Public Relations, I can tell an em-dash from a semi-colon in my sleep – and spot a comma splice at 100 paces. 

  • I've done this stuff. A lot. For five years, I developed and edited content for one of the largest Internet marketing education companies in the world. Since then, I've launched two online information businesses of my own. Plus, I regularly ghost-write for clients who have great ideas but lack the time or talent to write for themselves.

  • I've helped other people do this stuff. A lot. From one-person companies to large professional associations, I've helped dozens of individuals and businesses with their communications projects, and I've got the testimonials to prove it.

You need professional writing that delivers consistent and meaningful messaging to build your credibility, or build your brand. I can help.

Please review my samples and testimonials, or contact me today to talk about your writing, editing, and communications needs.

"You will add
intelligence, focus, and grace under pressure, along with versatile writing and editing abilities, when
you add Christina to your roster."

Bob Hodder

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